More Things that Don't Surprise Me

The boys that games play.  They don't surprise me anymore. 

See how many potty words we can say before Mom tells us that's enough? 
See how we can contort our faces/bodies to gross Mom out?  
     So often I'm almost not grossed out anymore. (PS - is it instinctual for boys to turn their eyelids inside out?!)
See how much food we can sneak while Mom is folding laundry/changing a diaper/trying to have a moment of silence? 
     Happens more than you'd expect
.  And the answer is about half a bag of pretzels and/or half a carton of ice cream.

When I shout "disgusting!", they giggle with delight.  When I say "you guys are crazy!", they beam with pride.  This is the norm, people.

No surpises.

The games that Dad creates for/with his boys.  They don't surprise me either.

 Cleaning out the garage?  Perfect.  Let's tie one end of a bungee cord to a bike and the other end to a post.  Walk the bike back as far as you can and let yourself go flying toward the post.  Voila!  "Bungee Bike".

Another phrase that may seem disturbing to the stranger's ear:  "Dad, will you throw pillows at me?"  (Uncle Tony gets some of the credit for this game, also.). But this is a beloved family game now.  It sounds like loving, quality time, no?  And it is exactly what it sounds like.  The boys run laps around the living room while Joe throws pillows at them.

We have no hope of ever being normal, you guys.

And yet, still not surprised.  By any of it.

One more fun-filled game to share:  hide and seek...for money.
  What?  I know.  We might as well teach them how to dial 1-800-BETSOFF now.

But this is apparently a thing.

If Roman finds Joe in the first 3 minutes, Joe gives him a dollar.  And vice versa.

Weird?  Yes.  Am I surprised?  No.

And don't pretend like you don't want to play.

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