Only read this if you have nothing better to do.

..because it probably won't be life changing. :)
In true Ruth Ann style...I give you: a completely random list.

1. when I look at Roman and Judah's baby pictures, it makes me SO excited to hold our third little BOY! (Who really needs a NAME!)

2. corn chowder + a honeycrisp apple = best fall lunch EVER.

3. one of my favorite things Judah says right now is "gokay".

4. I had to put Judah in his first time out today. For climbing on the table after being told not to. I told him to go sit in thinking time and he went right over and sat down. I didn't know if he really would know what to do...but apparently he does. He kept getting up out of his spot...so I told him to sit down and he did. He started to get up again so I went to sit next to him...he looked at me and said "sorry". First time he has ever said that so it was actually kind of funny.

5. Roman is excited about halloween but he doesn't get it. Whenever I ask him what he wants his costume to be, he says "red".

6. Sometimes I catch myself saying absolutely ridiculous things. The other day I actually said this sentence: "That stays in your pants unless you need to go potty". Nice.

7. Joe really likes the name Elijah. I like that name a lot, but I feel like it's too common. Joe hates every name that I come up with.

8. the baby moves a lot now, which is the best part of pregnancy, in my opinon! :)

9. maternity jeans are stupid. No me gusta.

10. We took the boys to the pumpkin patch yesterday which was really fun. We also took our sidekick, Uncle Tony, so that I didn't have to worry about chasing or carrying one or both boys. He is the best uncle ever.

11. I asked Roman what his favorite thing about the pumpkin patch was. He said "Well, probably feeding the goats some food". And by "some food" he means, "my parents didn't actually buy me any food to feed the goats, so I picked up single kernals of corn that the other kids dropped and fed it to the goats." In our defense, he doesn't usually like to feed animals so we didn't think to buy any food. I know, we're classy.

12. God is teaching me a lot about marriage. Especially by opening my eyes to how good my husband is to me. In times that are more of a struggle, Joe always steps up and takes on whatever he needs to for our family. He is such a good dad, has such a servant's heart, and I'm so thankful for the way he gives of himself unconditionally.

well, I think that's all for now! The boys are both napping, which means I probably should be too. Have a great week!

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