In the meantime...

So, I really should have titled my last post "Roman's Shenanigan" (singular). I realize I only shared one story when I had promised many...and the promise stands...I just couldn't get them all done in one post. Maybe better to spread them out anyway. Let's not get too carried away with blog story gluttony.

But, in the meantime, here's what we did today (because it was such a riveting day) :) :

  • Roman put together his Veggie Tales puzzles approximately 23 times. I even took a video (I also have lots of fun videos to post...you know, sometime before 2012).
  • My high school girls came over for our small group. We just started Captivating. If you haven't read it, you should.
  • I thought about what I'm going to say for my speech at Chrissy' wedding (on SATURDAY!!) I am really excited...but I'm feeling the pressure to get the speech done - how do you strike a balance between funny and sentimental, not too long, not too short, something meaningful to the happy couple and interesting for everyone else to listen to? Yikes. I mean, it's Chrissy. So, it has to be awesome. Pray for me!
  • We played in the sand box
  • Roman "drove" his play car. He told me that he was going to the mall. To "see water". (That means the fountain, in case you didn't catch on.)
  • I fed Judah and cuddled him...lots of times. :)
  • Roman tried to teach Judah how to "pound it".
  • Roman and I gave Judah sandwich kisses.
  • I changed lots of diapers.
  • I talked with Adam for a bit. I asked how his Grandma was doing. Roman stated "She's brushing her hair. She's talking on the phone". Hmmm...She lives in Fort Dodge.

Always a fun day with my boys. :)

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  1. I would love to see Roman teaching Judah to pound it! That's awesome! :)