Roman's Shenanigans

'm sure the suspense has been killing you. I mean, I told you that I had hilarious Roman stories and then I just left you in the dark for like...weeks. I'm sure we're probably in a fight. :) Well, let me try to make it up to you...Let me start by saying that anyone I have spoken with in the last month (yes, Judah is going to be a month old this week! What??? I know.) has probably heard this story approximately 13 times (so if you have, feel free to roll your eyes and scroll down. :))

Nonetheless, I need to share the story that will go down in history as what Roman did on the morning of Judah's birth. So, as you got to read in this post, I was up early having contractions on our big day. I woke Joe up to tell him not to go to work, and we were laying there talking about what the day might have in store for us when I thought I may have heard Roman up and about. I asked Joe if he heard anything. "No", he said "But, don't worry about it, I'll take care of Roman when he wakes up, you just get some rest while you can".

Well, naturally, when you know you're about to have a new baby, rest is virtually impossible. So, it wasn't long before I got up to shower and try to keep myself distracted for a few hours. When I got out of the shower, Joe came in, laughing really hard, and said to me "You'll never guess where I just found Roman!"

**You should know that since Roman has been in his "big boy bed", we had been struggling with getting him to sleep in the mornings. He was getting up around 5:30 most days. We were concerned that, at some point, we wouldn't hear him get up, and the Good Lord only knows what he would try to do knowing that we were still asleep. :) So, we had been closing all of the doors in the hall except for his and ours (including the pocket door at the end of the hall), figuring he would only have one place to go and we would definitely hear him open other doors if he decided to go "exploring".

Somehow, though, Roman managed to escape that morning. He opened... and closed...the pocket door at the end of the hall silently. (Seriously, he was not even two years old at this point!! How did he think to CLOSE the door?) Anyway, he managed to make his way out to the kitchen, remove a certain food item from the counter, and proceeded to get settled at the table for a morning snack.

So, around 6:30 Joe decided he was hearing Roman talking a bit, but it sounded far away. Better go check on him.

He found him sitting at the table...eating Oreos. He had chocolate all over his face and as soon as he saw Joe he said "COOKIES!"

I can't blame him, though. When I get up in the morning, I try to eat some whole wheat toast or some fruit...you know, my attempt at being healthy. But what would I really like to eat for breakfast? Oreos. And you would too. Don't lie. :)

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