The Greatness of God

I have come to a realization that has brought me great peace.

Most of the time, I have these "ah-ha!" moments and then I go to type it up in a blog post and I realize, it's probably not a new realization to other people.  Most people are smarter than me.

But, for my own sake...for my wandering heart that makes me forget simple truths...I'm writing this post.  I'll probably need the reminder next week.

I often get overwhelmed/stressed/discouraged at what I am not doing.  The things I know I should be doing but I can never seem to make the time for.  The things that I can't do when I have small children to care for. The things that I am able to do, but always have an excuse for.  The things I'm too tired to do. The things I wish I was good at but I'm not.  The things that I love to do, but never seem to fit in my list of priorities for the day. 

Women carry a great deal of burdens most of the time.  I don't know why we do it to ourselves, why we think we can or should be able to do it all.  How ridiculous.  We don't expect other women to be able to do it all.  Why do we do that?

And so it is.  I do that to myself.  I hope you don't, but I believe many women do. 

But sometimes God is not asking us to do one more thing.  Sometimes God is not even asking us to do something big.

When I start feeling like my "mundane" daily tasks are inadequate, I need to remember that God often asks us to do small things right where we are.  Sometimes those small things lead to great miracles... but look at the actions themselves:  they are not impossible; they are, very often, not even extraordinary.

God is the one doing all the great things, we just have to be a willing vessel.

Take a look:

David just picked up a stone.  It was the mighty hand of God that brought Goliath down.

The Israelites just walked.  The Lord is the one that crumbled Jericho's walls.

Moses just placed his staff in the water.  It was Jehovah-Jireh that made a dry path through the raging sea.

Peter just stepped out of the boat.  It was God that sustained him on the water.

Noah was asked to construct an ark.  Now, this is not a small job, but he wasn't doing anything remarkable by piecing together one board at a time.

Daniel is known for his bravery; but when you look at his actions?  He didn't do anything different that what he had been doing.  He just stayed faithful to the Lord in prayer.

Countless people brought their friends to the Messiah for healing.  They just showed up.  It was the Great Physician that did the work.

Paul and Silas just worshiped...it was the God of the universe that shook the earth and broke their chains.

We can (and should!) have great goals.  I do!  The Lord may call us to big things.  But even when he is calling us to small tasks, we can trust that He will bless the work that He has given us for today.

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