A Classic.

This is a story I don't want to forget.

So, the whole school deal has been new to Roman this year.  Lots to learn; lots he has not been familiar with.

We had school picture day before school started and we were just thrilled about how his school picture turned out.  I mean look at this face:

(I'm not sure why this image looks blurry on the computer screen.  It is crystal clear on my phone).

Anyway, super handsome boy.  Great shot.  Just so happy.

Then, Roman came home from school a few weeks into the year and told me that he had gotten his picture taken again at school.

"A class picture?", I asked.

"No, just of me.  They said we could go get our pictures taken again today."

"Oh, okay", I said.  "I didn't really need you to do that, but it's okay that you did.  Your first picture just looked so nice, remember?  The retakes are really for people who thought they might want a better or different picture.  Do you know what I mean?  But you didn't know that.  It's fine that you got one taken we just probably won't order again because we ordered the first one".

And then a few weeks late we got the retakes back:

I mean...

Who gave him the kool-aid and fun dip prior to the photo shoot?

And now this is the picture that is on everything.  The class picture that his friends will keep for all eternity.  The yearbook.

It's a gem.  And it makes me laugh every time.

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