He speaks.

As a follow up to my post about fear, I am posting this.
A commitment to write more in 2016.  
Sometimes fear prevents me from writing or from clicking "publish" because I want it to be perfect every time.
And so, it might not always be on this blog, but I am going to write more this year.  I have had this nudging in my spirit for quite some time.
I have been a lover of words for all of my life.  I am moved by so many authors and stories and quotes and I have sensed that God is urging me to use the written word (maybe spoken word?) to serve Him.
It's one of those yeses that I don't really understand.  There are so many others who are more qualified and who have amazingly beautiful words.  
But here we are.
I have asked Him how I will do this and I don't have a clear itinerary.  I have asked Him "why?"
...and His simple answer was "Because I have something to say".
Use my words, Lord.  Be near.

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