Pants on Fire

Dear Silas,
You are kind of a liar right now.  I mean, it's still pretty innocent, but it's getting more and more ridiculous by the minute.  It started with funny things that didn't matter.  For example, you fell down two stairs a while back and got a small bruise on your back.  Except that you told Kim you fell down the stairs and broke your ears. 

And you're very earnest about it so it makes people confused.

Recently, it has been more mischievous.  Like yesterday when Roman told me that you hit him.  I asked you about it and you said "I was just giving him a back rub". 

Nice effort.

Or how about today at a friend's house when you wanted aNOTHER cookie.  (you kept sneaking them while we weren't looking.  I saw you steal at least 5.)  So, when I saw you come back with number 6, I objected (again) but Mrs. Carrano said "Oh, I'm sorry.  I gave him one because he told me you said it was okay."

Very sly. 

I've got my eye on you, kid.

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