Girly stuff

Have I mentioned that pregnancy is weird?

Because it totally is.

Weird. Weird.  Weird.

The latest:
I am still craving beef.  Any kind, as I mentioned, but lately I feel like I could eat Sloppy Joes all day.  I mean, I have always been a fan but most of the (not pregnant) time I kind of forget about them.  No more.  I have to try really hard not to make beef for every meal.

I could drink gallons of milk a day.  I cannot get enough.  Also, it helps soothe the heartburn monster that likes to visit at bedtime.

Oreos.  I had this with Judah also (or was it Silas?).  I have loved Oreos since I was a kid (double-stuf.  they MUST be double stuf).  But when I am not pregnant, I only occasionally succumb to their magical pull at the grocery store.  It's a rare treat I allow myself.  But something about carrying a child in my womb makes me weak in the knees for those bad boys.  The problem with me and Oreos is that if I'm not paying attention pretty soon I have eaten 7 of them.  For the record, I only ate three tonight because SELF-CONTROL. 


Roman has felt baby sister move a couple of times now, which is super fun.  He lights up when he feels a kick.  Judah and Silas are still not patient enough to wait for her to move, but I imagine it will get easier the bigger she gets.

Also, can we please talk about how obnoxious I am with girl clothes?  It's actually so ridiculous.  But look at the cute!


I tried to upload a video of Silas talking about the baby but it didn't work.  Boo.  I'll try again soon.

Also, Lindsay asked me to write a post about how we told the boys they were going to have a sister.  The answer is that we are boring and we just...told them.  We got home from the ultrasound and sat them all down and said "We are going to have a baby girl!"  So, not a super exciting story, but Joe did get a video of their reactions so I'll have to get that off of his phone one of these days and show it to you.  There's probably a naked boy in it or some other inappropriateness, as usual.  :)

But, even though we didn't tell them in an exciting way, they were still very excited. 

More soon!

And Happy Divine Mercy Sunday!


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  1. The cuteness of girl clothes is just so unfair.