Your Dose of Random For the Day

Have you been watching the Olympics?  Of course, I can't stop watching gymnastics.  Whenever I start watching, it makes me so excited.  It makes me miss the adrenaline of competition and the feeling of being airborne.  It makes me miss my team mates and the kids that I coached.  I just can't get enough of it.

I just heard Bela Karolyi say this about Jordyn Wieber:  "She's the strongest I've seen...maybe since Nadia". 

Um, whoah. 

But, seriously Jo, no pressure.


This morning we woke up to Roman and Judah jumping our bed at 6:00.  We told them to go read books quietly, because we're really good, attentive parents like that. 

So what did they do?  The went out into the hall, opened the door to Silas' room, turned on the light and yelled "Good morning, Silas!" 

Silas thought that was hilarious. 

So, I hear them laughing in there and I heard Judah get into the crib.  I yelled for him to get out of the crib.  The next thing I know, Silas comes into my room.  Yes.  The baby that was in the crib made his way to our room.

Now, thankfully, Silas hasn't really been trying to get out of his crib... yet, so I knew he probably had some "help".  (And, Lord, PLEASE, if you could prevent him from learning to get out by himself I would be oh, so grateful).  I should mention that there was no crying, so I knew everyone was fine.

So, I say "Roman, how did Silas get out of his crib?"
And Roman replied (while acting it all out) "Well, Judah picked him up and put him oooover the crib and then I dropped him verrry carefully". 



After the horrific and hilarious start to the day, we went to Mass, had coffee with some of our friends and Father John, dropped Roman off for a birthday party, ate Thai food, got some DELICIOUS GiGi's Cupcakes...today's flavor may have been my all time favorite:  tiramisu.  To.die.for.  Then I got to take a nap.  Bliss.  Then we made dinner, skyped with some family, and now we're watching gymnastics. 

I'm sure that rundown of my day really made yours.  And since the random train has now come full circle, I'll stop the rambling here. 

Have a good night...maybe watch some gymnastics and eat some cupcakes.  It makes a great combo.

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  1. I love that it's somehow okay to drop your baby brother over the edge of a crib as long as you do it verrry carefully. :)