Summer in Wisconsin

First, I just have to say that Charlie just did his crazy low bark and so I immediately thought there was someone robbibg our house or something.  My heart might have stopped beating a little.  Turns out there were some raccoons on the porch munching on his dog food.  I wish I would have gotten a picture for Roman.  But Charlie scared them away.  Good dog. 

The latest on the boys:

  • Has been having more dreams (or is just able to tell me more about them now.)  Last week, he had a dream that he was flying with Super Grover.  He told me that he got to wear Grover's hat and cape and that he held on tight to him and went to his house.  It was so cute that it made him waking me up at 6 AM to tell me totally worth it.  He was one excited boy.  He has also recently had dreams about being a "grown up and a famer" and about killing Darth Vader.  Somehow that one is less endearing than the first two. 
  • The other day when we were talking about different people's jobs:
Roman:"I could be a helper for the monkeys". 
Me:  "Oh, you'd like to work at the zoo?  I bet you'd be good at that, Roman.  You love animals.  You could be an animal trainer".
Roman:  "Yeah, like the girl that lets the monkeys outside and feeds them.  Can you drop me off at the zoo now?"    
  • The other day he asked me "Does Charlie have a soul?"
  • "Mom, can you go to the light sabre store and get me a blue light sabre?"
  • When he's talking about something that is lemon flavored OR lime flavored he says "limeon".  I can't bring myself to correct him.  Another one that I've been avoiding correcting is the word "covered" instead of "cupboard".
  • Always asks me "Am I doing a great job?"  (Can you tell that Words of Affirmation is his love language??)
  • Also, when he's practicing handwriting he'll show me and say "Mom, is this a perfect 'E'?"
  • Always talks about Jesus putting joys in our hearts.
  • He's starting to try some small talk which always cracks me up.  Recent examples:  "How's your coffee doin, Mom?"  or "Eating crackers, huh?"
  • Is sooooo awkward with strangers sometimes.  His incredible memory is a huge blessing in so many ways.  It's just a little bit strange to other people sometimes.  Especially when those people are people that we met one time at a park and then we saw two months later at the same park....and Roman ran up to them and said "Hi, Jamie!  Hi, Aaron!  Is your paper cut all better?" 
  • He is just so sweet and talkative.  I LOVE his personality.  He wants to know everyone and he wants to know about everything.  It's going to make him really good with people - it will make him a great husband or a great priest, it will make him really good at his profession someday.  He's awesome.  It's just that not everyone understands that when he's 5.  Like the plumber that came to fix the water heater.  Roman opens the door and asks his name and asks what he's going to fix and how he's going to fix it and if he's a plumber and does he fix sinks?  and did he bring tools?  and what's a water heater?  and will it make his bath warm?  and can he watch Ryan the plumber do his job?  and would he like to color with us?  I can imagine it might be a little overwhelming for Ryan the plumber.

  • Says "scooty" for "scooter"
  • Likes to put on my red high heels and wear them around the house.  When he does he always says "I wiiiiike dese boots!"
  • Instead of "What does a cow say?"  Judah always says "What a cow says?"
  • Always swings his legs everywhere while he's swinging so he's all over the place...and then he says "I so curked" (crooked)
  • Is obsessed with Mr. Noodle on Sesame Street.  Sigh.
  • Dropped a piece of salami down the vent the other day.  1.GROSS.  2.  Now he sits by the vent and says "I caaaan't fiiind sawaaaaami". 
  • Is pretty much potty trained!  YAY!!!  He hasn't had any accidents for the last four days - we told him he gets a big boy bike as soon as he goes a week with no accidents.  So, maybe this weekend?  He is sooooo excited for a new bike, so I hope we make it to the weekend.
  • Sings "Father I Adore You" constantly.  Which I love.  Joe had to go get something out of the boys' room after he put them to bed the other night and when he went in, Judah was whispering Father I Adore you to himself.  LOVE.

  • Is putting two words together a lot these days. 
  • Still super super sweet and cuddly.  He's such a content little guy and is so lovey.  Can't get enough of him.  He currently loves eskimo kisses (he says "eh-meh-mo") and butterfly kisses ("Fah-fy")
  • I wish I could explain how adorable his voice is.  I'll have to do another video soon.
  • Thinks every animal says "moo".  I blame Wisconsin.  :)
  • When we drive past the dairy farms by our house (instead of yelling "Cows!") he yells "Tows!"
  • When we get back in the car after going somewhere he says "fun!"
  • He will also say "funny" or "silly" when his brothers are entertaining him. 

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