Mama's Minivan


Wednesday was a big day for our family.

We bought a minivan. 

I feel like a lost a little part of my youth just typing that sentence.


I don't know why I have this mental mountain to move, but I do.  I know plenty of hip and happenin' moms who drive minivans, so I shoudln't have a problem with it.  But I do. 

It's some kind of weird emotional mid-life crisis or something.  But don't worry, I'm not going to start going out to clubs and dancing on tables or anything.  (Can you imagine?  I'm positive I would be laughed out.)

ANYWAY, I am done with the freaking out.  Now I'll tell you why my minivan is very nice and very practical.  I can't say that I love her yet, but I'm starting to like her.  Yes, this is a relationship and apparently, it's a SHE.  Interesting.  Didn't know that until I typed it.  I guess naming her Stuart is out of the question, Mary.  :)

Here is mama's minivan.  Well, not really.  Because I definitely don't know that gentleman behind the wheel.  But this is the 2005 Toyota Sienna in a lovely blue/silver color identical to ours.

As long as I'm inside the minivan I love it.  It's kind of like what I would imagine Inspector Gadget's car would be like.  There are all these secret compartments everywhere and buttons that open doors and a kid mirror that pops out of nowhere.  I always find myself saying "hey, what's this do?" and it's always something pretty awesome.

It's got a lot more space than I was expecting and everything about it is very convenient.

Joe had been trying to sell me on the minivan idea for a couple of years, but when it came down to it, what got me to go test drive was sheer numbers.  This van is a year newer than our Blazer was and has about half as many miles on it...we will have a cheaper monthly payment, cheaper insurance and better mpg.  I couldn't really argue with that.  It wouldn't be very fair for me to object to the wisest financial decision for our family.


I'll let you know if we give her a name.  And if she grows on me.  I think she will.

PS - can I really pull off starting a post with "y'all"?


  1. You can sort of get away with the y'all. You definitely can't get away with the "mid-life crisis" line while you're in your mid-twenties! :)

  2. Ha ha ha, looks like I'm naming my car Stuart then. I think it fits him. Can't wait to see all the gadgets on the way to SC. I anticipate Joe growing tired of me pushing buttons. It will be so fun!

  3. So, I guess you probably wouldn't understand when I say that I've sometimes imagined myself driving a mini-van, and that's a very happy dream for me. Yeah, I know it's weird. It must be something in the Pometto kool-aid mom used to make us. But I totally understand the mid-20s mid-life crisis. I had an attack when I was 24-ish... I think I called it my mid-mid-life crisis... it's real. It happens.