A Silas Video

Finally! Becuase it's long overdue.

Also, because who doesn't need to hear a baby laugh on a Monday?

Silas is 5 months old now. I know. Where does the time go? I'm pretty sure I say something along these lines every time I write on this blog, but seriously.

Silas is rolling both directions, and scooting all over on his back. He can turn in 360 degree circles on his tummy. Most of the time he's trying to reach his Sophie. He thinks his big brothers are hilarious. He especially loves it when Roman talks to him or sings to him. He also likes watching Judah jump off of the couch, but he is still a little afraid of him. And rightfully so. Judah comes thundering over and sits right by his head and yells his name. I would be disturbed.

Silas can get his knees underneath of him, and he can push his chest/tummy off the ground, but not both at the same time. And that's good. Because I'm not ready for that.

He has been slobbering all over everything, so I am anticipating teeth in our near future. He also likes to blow bubbles of saliva (yum) and he likes to razz.

He prefers to stand when you're holding him on your lap...you can tell he wants to get moving. He coos at you when you talk to him but we haven't had much babbling yet. Just razzing. And, like I said, lots of drool. But he watches my mouth very closely when I speak.

He continues to be a pretty laid back baby, although he has been a little grumpy the last few days (probably teeth).

He still doesn't have much hair but I maintain that it looks red. Joe still says blonde, but it's red.

I love that when I hold him and someone else talks to him, he smiles and then buries his head in my neck/shoulder, and then looks back and smiles at them again. He makes me melt.

I am currently obsessed with his chubby baby legs. I actually despise putting pants over them. My favorite sound is this sweet nursing baby.

You might say I am head over heels for this boy.

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