Big Brother

Last night was a big night for us. Roman and I got to go to Big Brother/Big Sister class at the hospital. My excitement at least equalled his, if not exceeded it, and the night lived up to our expectations.

We had been trying to prepare Roman for the class...we told him that he would have a teacher and he would get to be the student. We reminded him that it's a student's job to obey what the teacher tells him to do. I told him he would be learning all about baby Silas and he would meet other kids who were going to have new babies at their houses.

We arrived at the hospital and talked about how Roman and Judah were both born there. We walked in and found the very sweet teacher, who gave Roman his big brother button and told him how important the big brother in the family is. Roman listened very intently to everything she said. Then he was sure to tell her "I'm going to be the student". He took the whole thing very seriously. :)

Then, we met the other kids in the class and found our classroom.

The kids started by coloring on some transfer paper that was then ironed onto a bib for their baby. Then we read a book about having a new baby at home. We practiced holding baby dolls and giving gentle touches. We practiced changing the baby doll's diaper.

Then we went to tour the Birthways floor. Roman really liked riding in the elevator. We saw a brand new baby sleeping in the nursery and we toured one of the rooms. As we walked past the nurse's desk Roman was sure to say "Thank you, Nurse!" They all liked that a lot.

We finished with a snack and got some stickers and coloring books to take home with us. I was very impressed with the class and with the teacher. I have been so happy with all of our experiences at Mary Greeley. It definitely made me excited to meet our sweet baby!

Roman and I finished our little date night at McDonald's. I asked him about his favorite parts of the night. His response: "holding the baby doll".

He is going to be such a good big brother (again!)

Hopefully we can share some of his knowledge and (probably more importantly) gentleness with Judah. :)

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