1000 Gifts (16)

301. Judah's mop of red hair that lays sleeping in my arms
302. The break from the cold...warmest February weather I've known and the walks and the splashing in puddles with laughing little boys.
303. That Joe can never wait to give a gift.
304. The prayers that go up for my unborn child.
305. The anticipation of seeing the new baby boy, created just for our family.
306. Feeling so in love with him already and, yet, knowing that my heart will spill more new love...more than I ever thought possible the first time I lay eyes on him.
307. Toothy Roman grins
308. Rest. In every sense of the word.
309. All things organized (thanks to the nesting I've been doing!)
310. Videos of my sweet little nephews.
311. Family time...this means help with new baby AND good conversation, bonding, making memories.
312. Skype.
313. New doors opening.
314. Love for friends...so much that it hurts sometimes.
315. Seeing new moms savor the little things.
316. Almost four years of being a mom. Best.Job.Ever.
317. Roman concentrating so hard on writing a friend's name. The S on it's side and the proud look in his eye when he realizes he did it.
318. Seeing Judah admire babies.
319. Hide and Seek. Even when I feel like this pregnant belly can't fit into any hiding spots and I think I'm too tired for another round...the squealing delight of the finding makes it worthwhile.
320. Neatly stacked baby blankets...waiting to wrap him up.

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