Thoughts on Pregnancy

I am currently 37 weeks pregnant with my third child. And it is nothing less than miraculous. Maybe that sounds cliche but, let me tell you, I mean it with the utmost sincerity from my heart. I love being pregnant. A friend of mine recently asked me why I so loved this whole experience and I thought I would share a few things that have become crystal clear to me, and/or things that have left me full of awe in this incredible journey. I don't want to forget the precious things about this season of my life.

The whole design of marriage and sexuality and pregnancy is just astounding. It's amazing to me that God made men and women so that we don't make sense apart from each other. Like lock and key we fit together and, in that union, we are able to partner with Him to create life. The weight of this reality is overlooked so often in our society. We don't realize, I mean, we don't really comprehend that each time we choose to become one, there is opportunity for life. what.a.blessing.

I love the feeling of a baby moving inside of me. It's the craziest way to bring a new person in the world, but I'm so glad that He made it that way.

I love that, when I'm pregnant (and aside from the times when I'm complaining about aches and pains or heartburn...oh, the heartburn...), my body is doing what it was created to do. Yes, our first BLESSING was fertility:

Gen 1:28

God blessed them and said to them, "Be fruitful and multiply".

How often do we hear fertility referred to as a blessing? I wish it were a more common way of thinking. I never get over the "wow factor" of being with child.

I love that I get to be a living, breathing pro-life witness. Babies are a gift from God. Nothing says it more clearly than a pregnant woman.

I love that my husband is proud to have a pregnant wife.

I love that pregnancy gives us the opportunity to share more of our story with people. It seems that people are more open to discussing children/family/your beliefs when they can see that you are pregnant. I am happy that we can answer people's honest questions. For example, we have heard a lot of this one: "Do you think you'll have more?" or "Will you keep trying until you get a girl?" They are totally innocent and genuine questions, and are in no way offensive. I'm glad that gives us the chance to talk about how we use NFP and how we discern God's will for our family on a monthly basis. It's a really novel concept to some...I think because many people don't necessarily consider fertility something to discern.

I love that, especially as a woman, this experience connects me to women all over the world.

I love that this life-giving love connects me to our Blessed Mother. Since experiencing pregnancy and parenting, I have reflected so much more on the life of Mary and the role that she played in Salvation history.

I love that at communion, when the priest presents the host and says "this is my body given up for you", I have a little bit more understanding about the meaning of those words.

I love that, in labor, I get to share a tiny amount of Christ's suffering, knowing that it will ultimately bring life and love. It makes me understand why we call it his Passion.

There are so many other reasons that could be listed, but these are a few that are especially dear to my heart.

PS - I would like to be praying for all of you while I am in labor. Leave a comment or send me an e-mail letting me know how I can be praying for you and for your family!


  1. You are so COOL! I just love you!
    Pray for my vocation. ;-) Pretty please!

  2. What a great post - to reflect on the joys of pregnancy! I love being pregnant too, and can hardly wait to be again (yet, right now, we are waiting). :)

    Thanks for offering to pray for us, especially during labor. What a good idea! We could use miracles in our lives - my husband's mom's healing & wisdom in her situation, and my husband's job search. Thank you!

  3. I love that you shared this list! It's beautiful, just like you are.

    Thanks for offering to pray for us all. You know my intention! :)

    I love you and I miss you, friend!