Shutterfly, My Hero.

Do you ever get to December and then realize that you haven't even thought about Christmas cards? Or realize that you didn't budget for Christmas cards? Or fret that, now, you probably don't even have time to send Christmas card? Or finally come to the conclusion that you don't have the energy to even think about Christmas cards along with gifts, and parties, and baking, and Advent activities?

That's me. Every year.

We have literally not sent out Christmas cards...ever.

I know, I know. I'm a huge slacker.

I'm always really good at thinking that I'm totally going to do a cutesy little letter and include beautiful photos of my cherub-like children, and then none of it comes to fruition. You already read the why part. (This is also why I am not a scrapbooker...I have so many delicious ideas... and then I get started. And then I get overwhelmed. And then Roman's scrapbook only goes up until he's two months old. Don't judge me.)

ANYWAY, all of this is to tell you that I am SO excited about Shutterfly! I mean, LOOK. HOW. CUTE.

They have adorable Christmas photo cards like the ones you see above, AND they have lots of other very affordable gift ideas like photo books or calendars (both of these items are buy one get one 1/2 off right now!)

AND...right now they are running a promotion for bloggers. Read more here to get 50 FREE photo cards!


  1. snapfish has 50 free cards as well. I already ordered my cards otherwise I would not pass it up. I got 75 cards for $14 at Costco. and they were ready in an hour.

  2. I ordered our cards from Shutterfly! They came so fast! I think within two or three days of ordering. They turned out really nice... I can't wait to send you one!

  3. Ruth - I love reading your blog! I usually have to go back and read the last few that I've missed since I last visited.
    So fun to hear about all the new and silly things the boys are doing & saying. Judah sounds like he is quite the little talker - he's going to have to give Lily a lesson, she pretty much just says "Mom!" "Mama!" "Ma!" :)
    And so glad to hear your wonderful news about the pregnancy taking a more normal turn!!

    Take care of yourself, kisses to the boys and hope to see you soon ♥