Roman Rides a Horse

...and Judah got to ride too! :)

Thanks again to my Uncle Dan and Aunt Marla for letting us come and ride their horses! (And to Caleb and Cana for spending the day with us and helping the boys have fun!)

For a long time now, Uncle Dan (my dad's twin brother, by the way!) had been telling Roman that he should come out and ride the ponies sometime. So, knowing that Roman can be a little bit anxious about trying new things, I started showing him youtube videos of kids riding horses, and getting library books about horses, and showing him pictures of Uncle Dan's horses. He started getting excited about it and eventually asked me "When can we go ride Uncle Dan's horses?" So, we set up a time and kept talking it up.

Joe and I still wondered how he would do. And, although he was little bit nervous when we were walking towards the horses, he loved the whole experience. I think it helped that Dan just picked him right up and put him on Rockstar for his first ride. He didn't have that much time to think about it.

Judah, of course, jumped right on with no trouble at all. That one has no fear.

On about lap #57 Uncle Dan said, "Ruth Ann, I think you started something!" I think he's right. And I think it's fantastic.


  1. Awesome videos!! Was it windy or what? ;) And yay to Roman for trying something new! They're real Iowa boys, aren't they? :)

  2. Um so i must love them so much cuz i kinda cried alittle when Roman was so excited to be on the horse! Yeah for over coming NEW THINGS!!!!

  3. A) Roman's "giddy ups" were so fun.
    B) I loved that when Judah stopped he looked like all he was concerned about was how to get going again.

    They were both clearly having so much fun, that it was just fun to watch them both.