1000 Gifts (15)

281. being filled with sorrow for people I don't know in places I've never been...and being challenged to do something about it.
282. rainy days perfect for much needed rest
283. two cars! I got to go to DSM yesterday and see some friends. It was long overdue!
284. finding out the gender of our baby...two weeks from tomorrow!
285. the way Roman says "woolly mammoth". It comes out more like "woo-ee ammouth"
286. Judah slept through the night last night! Maybe the teething is almost over? I hope!
287. My husband - have I mentioned that he is amazing!?
288. Little boys running to the bath.
289. that we have a live-in-babysitter! Thanks for being willing to help out at the last minute, Tony!
290. Life Teen building wells in Ghana
291. Roman singing his two favorite songs: Our God by Chris Tomlin and How He Loves by David Crowder Band - this one is a slideshow set to scenes from The Passion of the Christ. I thought that was really beautiful.
292. Judah also tries to sing How He Loves...but he just says "oh, oh" over and over again. :)
293. friends that are never far away...even if they live a few states away.
294. Italian food. Baby always wants Italian food.
295. cooler weather
296. That sometimes God grabs you by the hand and leads you to safety (Gen 19:16)
297. That he can turn water into wine. Hope that He can turn this ugly, sinful, selfish heart into one that acts graciously, loves unconditionally, gives joyfully.
298. Pondering the word unconditional.
299. coincidences. God-incidences.
300. the freedom that it is to live life abundant

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