1000 Gifts (13)

I want to be thankful everyday, for everything. I want to be more consistent about doing a 1000 Gifts post once a week. I want to be thankful in all things, even in the storms of life. Which, right now...living in Iowa... I mean quite literally.

241. clean, running water to drink
242. clean, running water for showers
243. the opportunity to sort, organize, throw away, and clean
244. an excuse to light lots of candles
245. an excuse to stay in the air conditioning
246. a nice house to live in
247. sweet, generous neighbors
248. friends getting married!
249. best husband ever
250. getting out of the house!
251. compliment on not needing a new dress
252. jumping, chasing, laughing little boys
253. Truth
254. marital wisdom shared by friends
255. Judah trying to say the ABCs
256. Roman playing the guitar
257. people who cherish life
258. the beauty of the storm clouds
259. a safe neighborhood
260. that God knows what I don't

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