1000 Gifts (12)

221. Roman kneeling right in the middle of the church aisle, arms raised in adoration
222. sipping on a glass of wine
223. the galloping daddy and laughing boy on his back
224. the words that God speaks in the silence of my heart: "Stop doing my job".
225. the chance to finally return a favor
226. how Judah LOVES dogs
227. how Roman is still a little timid around dogs...but he's getting so much better!
228. beautiful flowers and a sweet Mother's Day note from my boys!
229. graduating seniors that give me hope for the future
230. awesome concerts - i.e. Chasen and Kutless!!
231. when I realized the trials I have faced in life have prepared me to love someone else through the same situation
232. Jeremiah 29:11
233. the way Judah needs to come back to me for a hug every few minutes while we play
234. that God is good. All the time. No matter what else is happening around us, God is good.
235. the freedom to live simply
236. that I get to take Roman to Sesame Street Live!! Thanks, Mom!
237. childbirth - the more I talk about it/experience it/have friends that experience it, the more I LOVE it. It's so miraculous and I love the anticipation and the beauty of the whole experience. Maybe someday I'll be a doula or something. :)
238. Roman and Judah "getting" each other...which really means running around and laughing
239. raindrops sprinkling the windshield...wipers pushing them into one long stream running down the side
240. free shed for our yard

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