1000 Gifts (11)

201. lessons hard learned
202. the feeling of dough rolling under kneading hands
203. circumstances that remind me how important my job is and how purposefully living each day as a stay-at-home mom is fulfilling exactly what God is calling me to do
204. Intercessors of the Lamb
205. shopping getaway with the girls!
206. cuddles with my boys
207. sleepy eyes
208. trees swaying and bending in the wind...their whispering act of worship
209. a new niece or nephew to love! Congrats Jim and Chelsey!!
210. Roman and Judah in the crib together, erupting in laughter
211. miracles
212. God's perfect timing. Even when we don't see it that way.
213. Fr. Richmond
214. people who are brave enough to embark on a completely new life endeavor
215. sitting on the couch with Roman watching Joe mow the lawn
216. Judah's scrunched up smile and crazy top teeth
217. how Roman still asks me to sing O Come, O Come, Emmanuel every night
218. Watching Judah figure out how to put blocks together
219. sunny afternoons at the park
220. warm summer evenings...just as the sky begins to darken

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