The eating and the not sleeping, The pretending and the dancing

It's been a while since I have written about what the boys have been up to...the time has come.

  • still eating like a champ
  • still not sleeping much (much to my dismay. But, much more to Joe's dismay...he has very little patience in the middle of the night. Can't blame him.)
  • cruising and getting really close to walking! He actually took a couple of steps to me today - although it was slightly falling forward steps. :)
  • waves
  • says "hi, da", "mama", tries to say "baby", "bye-bye" - none of these are super clear, but he says them in appropriate situations or when you ask him to say it.
  • gives kisses
  • gives high-fives


  • really enjoys pretending: pretends to drive his little 4 wheeler to the park, to the zoo, to Grandma's house. pretends to make me chocolate cake.
  • is very in tune to the people around him: knows to "make" Tony a cheeseburger (because he loves McDonald's) and Judah an avocado (his favorite lunch), gets very upset when Judah is sad
  • memorizes Bible verses: he knows John 3:16, Zephaniah 3:17, Ephesians 4:32. We are working on Phil 4:13. Any other recommendations??
  • asks for a dance party every time Joe comes in the door (which consists of Veggie Tales music and Joe's DJ lights)
  • can identify most letters and knows some letter sounds. I was really impressed with him the other day when he got out his Noah's ark matching game and stacked matching cards on top of each other so that the word "lion" was right above the word "lion" on the card underneath...I hadn't shown him that, but he was noticing that the words matched.
  • the other day he dumped out his woven toy basket and laid in it. When I looked over at him, he said "Just like baby Moses".
  • He ruined his first library book :(. I put him down for the night, and later walked by his bedroom as I was going down the hall and noticed he had turned his light on. I opened the door to see him sitting on the floor with three torn pages. We had a nice long talk...several times. A couple of days later I took him to the library, and before we went in, I reminded him he needed to apologize to the librarian. He walked in, went right over to her, and said "I tore the pages". She kind of looked at me for an explanation, so I said "Roman has a confession to make". He repeated and then said he was sorry. She reassured him that he was very brave for being honest and telling her. We had to pay for the book, but I was so proud of my little guy for being big enough to apologize.

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  1. I wonder if the Erikson Public Library has kept track of all the books destroyed by a Pometto. I'm sure Roman wasn't the first!