When Joe Talks in His Sleep


If I haven't already mentioned how fantastic my husband is, let me just tell you. Joe takes his role as a husband and father very seriously...and I appreciate him so much. I just love seeing him with Roman - the two of them are kindred spirits if I ever saw some. Already we know that Roman wants to be just like his daddy. You will find him saying these phrases at least 23 times a day: "pway dwums" (play drums), "pway micwaphone" (play microphone - which usually consists of him licking the microphone and then pulling the device away from his mouth in order to actually sing a song). I so look forward to seeing how Judah will bond with his daddy and his big brother.

And speaking of Judah... this well tell you how much Joe loves him already.

Often, when we are laying in bed, not really trying to sleep yet, Joe will talk to Judah - he will put his head on my stomach and talk to the little guy (and let him kick him in the face...) Judah responds a lot to Joe's voice which is really neat to experience!

Anyway, they are clearly already bonding.

So, the other night Roman was just not sleeping well. At one point (about 4 am) he woke up, laughed and talked to himself for a while, and then, about 15 minutes later, just started yelling. Apparently, he was mad that he was awake. Joe, of course, is mostly oblivious to all of this - the man could sleep through a tsunami. I was laying awake in bed giving Roman a few minutes put himself back to sleep (Please God!)

Now, Joe frequently talks in his sleep, but it's usually just nonsense - funny - but mostly not related to anything. All of a sudden, Joe sits up in bed and says "Wait, wait...Which one is that?"
Me: "What are you talking about?"
Joe: "Which kid is that?"
Me: "Honey, we only have one outside the womb"
Joe: "NO! We have two kids!"
Me: (laughing) "I know, babe, but it's not like we can hear Judah crying"
Joe: "Oh yeah."

And then he falls right back to sleep.

He is such a good dad. SO confused...but such a good dad. :)

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