My Little Chatterbox

If you haven't talked to Roman in a while, here's what you are missing:

1. Four and five word sentences.

Examples: "I love you, Daddy." "I see trees and skies." and "Look at all the birds."

2. Words that he knows he is NOT supposed to say. This is really a challenge for me right now, and if anyone has suggestions on how I can stop this ASAP, I would really appreciate it. Luckily, it's nothing too terrible - thank God we don't have anyone too close to us that would learn those from, although let me just say I would really like to scream at some people that we overhear in stores. That probably isn't what Jesus would do though. Just a guess. :)

  • "diarrhea" - awesome. He learned this one when he was sick (admittedly, our own fault), and I just can't quite make him understand that it's not appropriate conversation in a restaurant. With a perfect stranger.
  • "that's stupid" - another one of my favorites. This one is also probably my fault. You just don't realize what you say until you have a 20 month old that picks up on every.single.word.
  • "oh my God" - this one literally brought me to tears. Joe was changing his diaper one day and was gagging because it was such a delightful experience. I overheard him slip but didn't say anything, hoping Roman wouldn't notice. He noticed. And repeated it immediately. HELP.
  • "crap" - also, my fault. Are you super impressed with my mad parenting skills at this point?? It's not that I really think that "crap" is a bad word, it just seems a little excessive for someone who is less than 2 years old.
    I'm serious about suggestions...

3. Back to a lighter note. You will often overhear Roman saying the following words/phrases:

  • "wrestle"
  • "bah-ee swam me" ("body slam me")
  • "ding ding ding"

Perfect. Because we were planning on taking him to try out for the WWF when he turns two.

This may be due to the fact that we have an overwhelming amount of testosterone in our house between Joe, Uncle Tony, Roman (and Adam and Ryan frequently visiting)...and it's about to increase. Truth be told, I love it.

4. Extensive conversations about the zoo. We went last week and every time he thinks about it (which is approximately every 23 minutes) we have a conversation similiar to this one:

Roman: "I saw the zoo"
Me: "We did go to the zoo. What animals did you see?"
Roman: "I saw wions. big. Roar." (lions)
Me: "They were big. What else did you see?"
Roman: "I saw ducks. Feed ducks. Swim in water."
Me: "uh -huh"
Roman: "I saw tigers. big. Roar"
Me: "Yeah, you liked the tigers."
Roman: "I saw fishies"

I'll stop there, but you can imagine that it's about the same for birds, otters, sea lions, emu, and other random animals. He is really, really excited to talk to everyone about it, though. :)

5. Replaying conversations that happened the day before.
Example: We had dinner at my aunt and uncle's house the other night. Roman spilled on the floor and say "I'm sorry Marla" to my aunt. The next night he dropped a chip on the floor during dinner. He said "I'm sorry Mommy." "I'm sorry Marla." And he kept repeating it over and over and over. I felt bad that he was still apologizing!!

6. Asking a question that he wants me to ask him.
Example: Roman will say "Wha would you wike?" (What would you like?) when he wants me to ask him that question. Other examples: "why you sad?", "help you?", "do you like that?"

7. Convincing himself that he is okay when he's scared/hurt/unsure of something.
Example: in the presence of a dog, or when going through the carwash, or when he just hurt himself he will say "you ok. it's ok. you alwight (you're alright)" over and over to calm himself down. It's really funny. We will have to teach him at some point that self talk is really supposed to be just in your head. :)

8. Colors. Roman is really getting good at identifying colors. He will tell you the color of every object in his line of sight.

Example: The other day we were looking out our front window when he noticed some flags in our yard marking the water line. (I think?) He doesn't know the word "flag" except in the case of the American Flag. So, he turns to me and says "I see green and blue." Show off. ;)

Well, friends, that's all I can think of for now, but I do have pictures and videos to post soon. I'll try not to take 10 years in actually making that happen.

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  1. #7 is too much for me! What a sweetie--the car wash can be scary!