Update on the Kids

A little update.  Since it's been like a year...

**Disclaimer:  I started this post when Nora was still one.

  • is kind of a liar.  If you ask her how old she is she says "two".  If you ask her what her name is she says "Tony" or any other name she can think of, but most often Tony.  She thinks this is a very funny trick.  If you try to tell her the wrong name for yourself she will say "No!" with a big smile.
  • has figured out that she is almost a two year old and has decided to start acting like one.  This means she has become very bossy and demanding.  We will often hear her saying to her brothers:  "out now!", "dat's mine!", "dat's not yours!", "I mad!", 
  • she still has her super sweet side (and she knows how to use it)  She gives lots of kisses, hugs, and pats.  She says "I love you...so much".  She walks around frequently announcing "Nice day!" 
  • She likes to "rock a baby" before nap and bed. (Meaning we rock and sing to her or play music)
  • loves swimming, swinging, and "callin" (face time or skype), 
  • Asks "Why?" all the time.  It's a very angry WHY when you have just told her you do not have what she wants.
  • kisses any object that she likes
  • we stayed at a hotel over the summer and Joe was trying to put one of the kids to bed and so when I was nursing Nora in the night and she realized that Joe wasn't in the bed she started calling out "Daddy!  Where are you?"  The sweetest.
  • When someone comes to the door she says "come on in!"
  • pretends to talk on the phone a lot.  Always goes like this "hi, Dada!  How are you?  Good.  It's nice day!"
  • holds hands up in the air and exclaims "What?!" in the most animated fashion.
  • Will bring me the bin of supplies and say "Have a tea party, Mom?"  Who could say no to that?!
  • loves cats.  so so much.
  • cats may only be second to babies.  OBSESSED with babies.
  • has some sweet hip hop dance moves.


  • continues to have a very sweet and laid back personality.  
  • he is usually the first child to show gratitude for something, which this mama really appreciates!  He will say "Thanks for taking us to the park, mom!"  or  "This is a really fun day!"
  • He also knows how to turn on the charm.  Example 1:  We were talking about a friend one day and Roman said "He has a nice smile".  I agreed and asked them to list other people who have a nice smile.  Silas piped up "You know who has a beautiful face?  YOU."    I mean, swoon, right?!
  • One of my other favorites was when one of my friends said to Silas "I just wanna bottle you up".  He said "What does that even mean?"  So we laughed and she explained that when you really like someone and you wish you could have them around you all the time you can say that phrase.  He immediately turned to me and said "Mom, I just wanna bottle you up".
  • Funny one:  He hid under the doctor's desk when he had to get 5 year shots.  ha!  It took us quite a while to coax him out.
  • goes to a program called Sports Club at the athletic club.  It's basically what you think:  they introduce kids to a variety of sports while I go to kickboxing.  One day when I picked him up I asked "Silas, what did you do at Sports Club today?"  His response:  "I got this beautiful sticker".
  • got a bug bite one day and Joe and I were looking at it because it was kind of big.  Joe said "Maybe it's a spider bite?"  Judah got so excited and said "Do I have webs now??"  He kept flicking his wrist all day and asking where his Spider Man webs were.  
  • currently obsessed with Sonic the Hedgehog.  It's always something.
  • loves riding bikes, going swimming (and climbing the rock wall and doing the zip line at the pool!), playing with neighbor friends, and still loving the baths.
  • LOVES baking with me.
  • Probably one of my favorites stories of Judah ever:  Joe entered Modern Woodmen in a small town parade this summer.  The kids threw candy, felt like celebrities, etc.  Following the parade, there was a festival, so MWA had a booth and there were other games, food, etc.  IOne of the things near us at the festival was a dunk tank.  Judah was enthralled with this.  I told him that I was going to take Silas and Roman to the bathroom while Joe was getting the booth set up and that maybe, when I got back, I would give him a dollar so he could throw a few balls at the dunk tank.  Now the bathrooms were on top of this hill, kind of overlooking the rest of the festival.  So, I am up there waiting for the other boys and looking down at the booth.  I am realizing the Judah has gotten in line at the dunk tank and that Joe hasn't realized it yet.  He gets all the way to the front of the line, talks to the man taking money, and then takes off his shirt and walks up to the seat inside the tank.  JOE IS STILL NOT LOOKING.  (It was not deep...and then I realized there were other kids that had were wet from doing the same thing) Anyway, I am watching all this go down...and YEP, he got dunked.  He goes back over to Joe sopping wet.  Joe's expression was hilarious.  Such a classic Curious George moment. (I'm serious... the exact same thing happened in Curious George Makes Pancakes).

  • such a big kid.  He is on swim team this year and as you can imagine, he is AMPED.  He will try on all his gear for anyone who has a minute to talk.
  • Made a confession to me the other night about something he wasn't proud of, and started with "Will you give me a hug after I tell you?"
  • I said to him one day "you're a good boy, Roman" and he responded with "You're a good mom".  I needed to hear that, buddy.  Thanks.
  • loves to wear headphones and sing obnoxiously loud.
  • loves to laugh - he wants funny books and funny movies.  I love that.
  • is currently signed up for the children's choir at church.  The director e-mailed me to let me know that Roman was the only boy registered.  She said she obviously still wanted him but didn't want him to be surprised on the first day.  I told him and he said "Well, they probably need a boy then".  Such a gem.

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