Nora Girlie

Just a quick Nora post because all of her words are so stinking cute.
She says:

  • "ha byes" for "high five"
  • always tags someone's name onto the end "please"; it's usually "Please, Dada" or "Please, Judah" even if neither of them are around and she's asking me for something.
  • has started saying "hey" before someone's name:  "hey, Mama".
  • "I see you" - this is especially creepy when the person is not in the room.  For example, we woke up one day to her saying "I see you, Tony" over and over and OVER again.
  • "you did it!" when she wants you to cheer for her.
  • "oh boy!" and   "Oh goodness!" and  "oh man!"
  • "help youp"...with the p on the end.
  • "Nope."  especially if she means "yes".
  • "peep it a boo" for "peek a boo" - this is my favorite favorite favorite.  
  • she has started saying "I love you" with no prompting, so, you know, heart melted.
  • "huggies" for hugs
  • "awesome"
  • if you start quizzing her on words she will put a "ha" in front of them. I think because she is proud and happy to say new words. 
    • me: "Nora, can you say 'noodles'?"
    • Nora:  "ha noodles"
  • she is starting to tell us about what happens in different places.  So, when I take her to the childcare at the athletic club I will say "Nora, do you want to go play with the kids?"  And she will say "Kids!  Ball!"  and I'll say "You played with the ball?  That's fun."  And she'll say "Fun!" and then she'll think and say "Henry.  Cry."  Because her friend Henry cried once when he got dropped off in the childcare.
  • "appa dada" for "applesauce"
More updates on the boys coming soon!

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