Birth Story in Pictures

It probably would have been nicer to put these into my last post (Wouldn't that be fancy?!  Words AND pictures?!)  but I just can't ever quite get my act together enough to do things the "nicer" way.  :)

SO here are some of the photos of our girl's birthday. 

                                                              Ready for induction
Aug 20
11:30 pm

                                                            6 lb 11 oz, 19 in long
so much brown hair!
Also, sorry, Nora!  We videotaped all the boys' births (G rated, don't worry) but you came so quickly we didn't get the camera on.  Remember, there were only about 10 minutes between 7cm and ready to push. 
BUT, we did get some VERY sweet videos of your brothers meeting you for the first time.  Here are some of our favorite moments:
...and two videos of Silas because there was just so much cuteness:

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