Birthdays, BOYS, and breakdowns.


We have had all the birthdays.  Roman and Judah celebrate just two weeks apart, which means there is really no "apart".  We just celebrate for about 2 weeks.  And there is much discussion about who got to do what on their birthday and what others should also get to do on their birthdays.  It's a challenge to have the endurance to make it all fair in love and war.

But, now we're done.  We have a seven year old and five year old in the house.  (And of course, a 3 year old and a 31 week old baby). 

Also, let's talk about baby.  I have now heard of two women who were told they were having a girl at their ultrasound and then delivered a baby boy.  AND, a few days ago, I had a dream that this happened to me.  So, I'll be thinking about that daily from now until she (or he) is born. 

Moving on...

Today I am so grateful for answered prayers!  Some friends of ours who have been in the process of adopting for the last several months will be picking up their sweet baby boy in the next week or two.  SO.  AWESOME.  What a beautiful glimpse of redemption!  Also, we have another friend going on a retreat this weekend.  Please pray for her healing and conversion.  We are so excited that she agreed to go and we are hopeful that she will come to know the Lord more intimately.

SO, other than birthdays, here is what the boys have been up to:
swords, water guns, costumes.  That pretty much sums it up. 

But seriously,
Roman just still cannot get enough of the good guy/bad play.  He is a brave hero, friends.  He still has a brain that works some serious overtime.  Car ride home from anywhere sounds like this:
"Mom, are jaguars nocturnal?  If we had 15 hours that would be thirty half hours, right, Mom?  Right?  I'm pretty good at math.  I know that 5 fours is 20.  Hey, Mom, for Halloween I want to be St. Michael because he's an archangel and he defeats Lucifer with his sword.  Mom, how old do you think High King Peter is?  I think he's probably 16, right Mom?"

Sometimes I just have to say "I don't know.  I just need a few minutes of quiet.  Talk to your brothers".   So, Mom of the Year.

Judah has become obsessed with Mickey and Minnie Mouse.  I think it started with watching a Mickey movie with Carter and Jack.  He really enjoyed it so I let him watch some others on Netflix recently and now it is a full blown THING.  We got him a stuffed Mickey for his birthday.  Then he used some birthday money from my grandma to buy a Minnie.  THEN, he had a complete MENTAL BREAKDOWN in "the Target" (as he calls it) when I would not buy him a $30 Minnie that really crawls. 

He also recently learned that you cannot ride a bike while simultaneously wearing a cape.  We cut the costume and we still haven't gotten all the fabric out of the chain.  But, he LOOOVES riding his bike.  He rides laps around the backyard all day.

Silas.  Well, Silas is 3.  And you know 3 is ridiculous.  But he's so funny and adorable along with being obnoxious.  He has started calling me "silly girl" all the time.  For example, while I'm making lunch he will come stand by me and say "What are you making, silly girl?"  He thinks he's pretty funny when he says it, too.

Sometimes he will randomly tell me "I'm your buddy, Mom".  And then I melt right into a  puddle.

He says "Skirl" for "squirrel".  He says "What the heck is that?" in a very sweet little voice about anything he's curious about.

But, as I mentioned, THREE.  The other night at Roman's boy scout picnic, he and Judah ran into the men's restroom at the park before I could stop them.  So, I'm waiting outside the door when another dad goes in.  He comes right back out and looks at me and says "uh..."
"Are my kids doing something they shouldn't be in there?"  I ask.
So, he says "Well...One of them is sitting in the urinal".

Well.  Haven't had that one before.  Luckily there was no one else in there so I went in and got him cleaned up but SERIOUSLY.  That's a new one.

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