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This is going to be one my standard list posts.  Some of these go quite a ways back. 

Best of Roman:
  • One day, for preschool, we were reading a book that talked about jobs. I had Roman make a list of all the different types of jobs he could think of.  We came up with a pretty good amount.  Then we went through the list and wrote someone's name next to each job.  So, Chrissy by hairstylist, Katy by teacher, etc.  He was very insistent that I write his name next to "farmer" and "priest".  Love that.
  • For quite some time we had been trying to put an end to the constant jumping off of couches.  (For the record, it appears that we have been successful...for now).  Anyway, right before we moved, Roman kept doing it and I explained that, since Silas can climb up on the couches now, we have to stop because he could really hurt himself if he tried to do that.  The rest of the conversation went like this:
Roman:  "We should sell Silas"
Me:  "UM, NO.  I don't ever want to hear you say that again.  We love Silas.  You love your brother!  You're always so sweet to him".
Roman:  "Yes, I love him.  But I want you to grow another baby in your tummy."
Me:  "What?  Uh, okay.  If that is God's plan, someday I would love to have another baby in my tummy.  But we don't have to sell Silas for that to happen."
  • Is that not the most random conversation you have ever heard?  That kid is something else. 
  • But then he comes up with these very profound thoughts during some of our discussions about Easter.  Like "Three days was long" and "The tomb is life".  Uh, whoah.
  • As I mentioned in this post, we had a little incident on Easter Sunday which involved Roman's index finger and our very first trip to the ER.  Later that day, we were getting ready to skype with family and I asked Roman "Are you going to tell Grandma and Grandpa about your finger?"  He looked at me very seriously and said "That was terrible.  I don't want to talk about it."
  • One day I told Roman that he could not have a treat after lunch because he had been disobedient.  He yelled back at me "This is unjust!".  I laughed out loud.  A+ parenting.  For the record, he learned that one from Charlotte's Web.  It just surprised me that he used it in the right context.
  • Our dear friend, Monica, got the boys a book when she came to visit us a while ago.  The story is about a baby bear that goes exploring by himself for the first time.  It has beautiful photography of a real bear cub in nature.  Love it.  I was reading it to Roman for the first time and, just a few pages in, we read something about the baby bear going out to explore the big wide world.  The whole left page was a picture of the bear cub and in the bottom corner of the right page was a small bunny.  I asked Roman "What do you think is going to happen next?"  He responded "The bunny is going to eat baby bear".  Wow.  Apparently, we need to work on our predicting skills.
  • Current favorite game:  The Describing Game.  This is really fun.  Just ask him to play and he will be thrilled.  He starts with "I'm thinking of an animal..." (or food or person) and gives you clues until you guess what he is talking about.  He loves it.  Then it will be your turn to describe.  As soon as he thinks he's got the answer he starts laughing really hard from the sheer excitement.  It's awesome. 
  • We painted the walls in our new kitchen/dinging room gray.  I asked Roman if he liked it.  He said "Yes.  But I wanted you to paint the walls red." 
"Which walls?", I asked. 
"All of them", he told me. 
"All the walls in our whole house?", I asked. 
"Yes", he said. 
  • And, of course, the raccoon updates.  Because I know that's what you're waiting for!  :)
Roman:  "What day is tomorrow?"
Joe:  "Raccoon day".

Roman:  "Is your mama a llama?"
Joe:  "No, my mama's a raccoon".
Roman:  laughs...then thinking..."No, your mama's a grandma".

Joe always gives the boys these very elaborate high fives before bed.  They involve movie quotes, and other crazy shenanigans.  There is really no way to describe it with words.  It's like a ten minute process.  At the end of the high five, he has recently added a raccoon sighting.  He will pretend they are done with the high five, like he's about to leave their room, when suddenly he will "find one" in the hallway...he makes raccoon noises and scratches on the wall so they will think there's one there.  Sometimes he has to chase it to catch it.  He ends with pretending to have one in his arms when he runs back into their room.  I feel this may have scarred me for life as a child, but they love it, so whatev.

Best of Judah:
  • says "Eener" instead of "Ernie".
  • loves trying to make Silas do tricks - like he will start singing "Jesus loves..." and wait for Silas to chime in with "Me".
  • He still has a crazy lisp, which  know is still totally normal for his age...which is good because I think it is the cutest thing in the world. 
  • Sings phrases that happen to be in his head.  example:  "Mrs. Drake's house" over and over - to a tune.  a very random tune.  So funny.
  • Misses Iowa.  He is still struggling at going to bed on his own and staying in his own bed the whole night.  Most of the time I am more than happy to cuddle him.  Sometimes when I have his knee over my shoulder in the middle of the night, I don't  feel as happy about it. 
  • But, really, he talks about our friends and family in Iowa a lot.  (we all do) He doesn't seem to be upset about it, just talks about them a lot.  And then he does things like this:
Me:  "what should we do tomorrow?"
Judah:  "go to park"
Me:  "that's a good idea.  What park would you like to go to?"
Judah:  "I go to Mrs. Aitchison's house". 
  • He really is just the sweetest little guy.  I'm loving the stage that he's at.  I love that he's talking more and I'm getting to hear more about what he's thinking.  I love that he's still cuddly and that he's so excitable.  Love.
  • If it weren't for the fact that he is a boy and Charlie is a dog, I would say they were twins separated at birth.  They are both wild and gross and cute and cuddly and love to wrestle each other and run away from me when I ask them to come.  They both want to be outside all day and they both want something to eat as soon as they're inside.  They always want the same toys, they want the sand out of the sandbox, they want to dump out any container that happens to be full of water.  They both destroy a lot of things.
  • Still loves to vaccuum.
  • He is just getting to the "I want to do it myself" phase, which is fun and super annoying all at the same time.  So fun to see him work on something and be proud of his accomplishment.  So not fun that he FREAKS out if I so much as touch the buckle in the carseat.  It takes us a while to get anywhere these days.  :)
  • Today we went to the circus.  The boys had a great time.  When we got in the van I said "Judah, what was your favorite thing at the circus?"  (You know, I'm expecting him to talk about the monkey driving a wagon, or the magic show or the pony ride).  Do you know what he said?  He said "I eat popcorn".  ha!
  • And if you want to hear a funny story about Judah...that involves me nursing Silas, you'll have to ask me about it in real life.  It's a good one, but not necessarily appropriate for the blog.

Best of Silas:
  • One night, I made the mistake of pointing out that he had penguins on his pajamas.  Now, if he is wearing them, I will think that he's about to drift off to sleep when suddenly I will hear "Pen-win!" very loudly.  :)
  • "duddle" for "cuddle"...and he does love to cuddle.  And I love that about him.
  • loves to give Charlie commands like "Sit!" and "Betch!" for "fetch".
  • If you start the counting he will chime in with "two" and "boor" (four) in the right places.
  • "nuss!" for "nurse"
  • calls Roman "Judah".  all the time.  Maybe he just thinks "Judah" means "brother". ?
  • he's a lot like one-year-old Roman was, in that he will try to say almost any word you ask him to say. He's a lot like one-year-old Judah was, in that he feels the need to climb on top of the kitchen table every 3 minutes.  This combination could, potentially, be the death of my sanity.
  • loves to sing "wheels on the bus"
  • will eat his lunch nicely until I look away...when he will immediately begin throwing all the food on the floor, regardless of whether or not he is actually enjoying eating said food.
  • says "bahma" for grandma and "bahpa" for grandpa.
  • Daaadddy! is still his favorite though.  The way he says it totally trumps any other name on the planet.  Cutest ever.

And, just for fun...Best of crazy things that have come out of my mouth recently (because no one should ever have to say some of the sentences I catch myself saying!!):
  • "Please don't put that sticker on your penis".

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  1. I laughed through the whole post (How did you know I needed a Monday laugh?!)... and then I got to the last sentence and LOST IT! So so funny! You are such a good mom!

    -Love Mary