Magic Moments

I feel as if I need to give you a brief (ok, probably not so brief) run-down on the last few days.  A lot has happened.  I dont' want you to think that I'm complaining, though.  We feel very blessed to be in the midst of this transition to an awesome new opportunity.  But, has it been stressful?  Sure.  Sometimes very much so.  And is some of it so ridiculous that you can't believe it's real life?  Yep.  So, please, bear with me as I get all of this out so as not to forget it during this crazy season.

And, please, have a laugh at my expense.  It's the right thing to do.

As you probably know, we are moving.

Next week.

NEXT.  Week.

So, there has been a lot of organizing of things, throwing of things, donating of things.  There has been a little bit of freaking out and a lot of excitement.  There has been much talk of what is to come.  There is a lot of anticipation and also many wishes for time to slow while we savor friends and family here.

Anyway, that's the true-but-glossy-picture of my life in the last few days.  Now let me tell you about the ridiculousness of how life has been.

Joe's dad was here to help with some projects around the house a couple of weeks ago.  (Super helpful and fun, by the way).  After he left we also re-painted the toyroom.  But we'll get back to that later.

We took a little break from house projects to properly celebrate Easter.  And, all-in-all, it was a really great weekend and a moving Easter celebration.  We attended Holy Thursday service, opted on just reading the story of the crucifixion on Friday because the boys were to tired, visited our dear friends the Aitchisions for dinner and an Easter egg hunt on Saturday, and celebrated a beatiful Easter Mass on Sunday.

BUT, on Easter morning we had a first.  Our first ER visit.

Now, don't freak out.  Everyone is fine. 

Joe and I have visited the ER before, but none of our children had. 

Sunday morning we enjoyed a nice big Easter breakfast and then started the task of getting everyone ready for church.  Joe had the boys in the shower with him when I heard Roman crying.  I came in to see his finger covered in blood.  Apparently he was messing with the drain in the shower and somehow a took a chunk out of his left index finger.  We bandaged him up and told him we were going to have to take him to the hospital so a doctor could fix his finger.  "Am I going to DIE??" he responded.  After we calmed him down and reassured him that going to the hospital does NOT mean imminent death, he did a great job.  The put a gel gauze around it to help it clot and scab and sent us on our way.   I felt like it was a win...I mean it was relatively low on the trauma scale for a first ER visit.

AND, we even made it home in time to get to church.  We also got to have Easter dinner with my family and spend the evening with Tony.  More winning.

Now, the craziness really began Monday.  Remember the freshly painted toyroom walls?  Yeah, at some point Sunday night or Monday, Judah decided that the walls were too bland for his liking.  The paint that we chose was called "Artist's Canvas".  We should have known.  We.should.have.known.

Monday morning I found pencil scribbles on every wall in the toy room.  I just stood there staring and being furious and trying to form words and not wanting to deal with it.  But, that's not really an option when you're trying to sell your house.

So, we headed to Wal-Mart on Monday to pick up a few things:  Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, a Swiffer Vac, some shoes for Silas (because for the last week I have only been able to find two shoes for him...and they don't match), bread, and more bones for Charlie (because if he chews up another puzzle piece it might send me over the edge).  I came home with only the swiffervac, shoes, and dog bones. 

That's not a good track record.

I don't even have good excuses.  I just forgot about the bread.  (Yes, i had a list).  And I was having trouble finding the Mr. Clean erasers.  You would think that would be a simple fix, wouldn't you?  If you're thinking "why didn't you just ask someone?"  then, you've clearly never been to the Wal-Mart in B-town.  Trying to find someone to help you is like trying to find water in the Sahara.  And don't be deceived.  Just because you've found someone does not mean they are going to be helpful.

So, this is all a very long drawn out way of saying that the kids were getting antsy and I thought I already had 2 erasers at home.  No such luck.  I had one that was partially used.  Oh, well, pick one up tomorrow, right?

Well, that's when our realtor called and told me she was going to show my house the following day (which was today) at noon.  Good and bad...lots of cleaning in a short amount of time = not relaxing or fun, but selling the house would = awesome.  So I kicked it into high gear on the cleaning while the boys watched Charlotte's Web.  It was after they were asleep that I realized I had no way to clean my walls.  And no Joe at home so I could run to the store.  That's when Paulette (the best neighbor ever) came to my rescue AGAIN and brought me a magic eraser at 9:45pm. 

After that I kept cleaning. 

And, Let me tell you.  I don't know that I have ever loved a material object more than the SwifferVac.  I may never have to use a broom and dust pan again.  It gets EVERYTHING up, including dog hair (which is really annoying/next to impossible to sweep) in less than half the time.  It's cordless and light - and maybe the children can learn to use it....and then I may never have to clean the floors again EVER. 


But, seriously I love it.  Best $38 investment I've made in a long time.

More cleaning.

Then Charlie got sick multiple times.  Probably becase of the puzzle pieces he has been ingesting (and the fact that Judah fed him an entire dinner roll that day).  Yuck.  and TMI.  I'm sorry.

Then we spent all of today out and about - which was tiring but fun.   We had the showing this morning and the people actually came back for a second showing this evening.  Yay!

If only they knew what had gone on in this house the last few days.  :)  There must really be magic in those erasers.


  1. Wow!! As usual, I don't know how you do everything! Sounds like it was an exciting exit of Iowa, though, and it looks like things are settling in Wisconsin now. Hope you've found some time to relax and enjoy the moments... at least the good ones. :)

  2. Oh... and I loved the comment about Wal-Mart in Boone! :)