I think my dad would like the sound of that.

Roman:  "Hey, Mommy, do you have a mommy?"
Me:  "Of course!  You know who my mommy is."
Roman:  "Yeah!  Grandma."
Me:  "You're right."
Roman:  "And Grandpa Bob is your dad?"
Me:  "No, Grandpa David is my dad.  Where does Grandpa David live?"
Roman:  "Grandpa David lives in Heaven with Jesus."
Me:  "Yep."
Roman:  "Was he sick?"
Me:  "Grandpa David?  No, he wasn't sick.  He had an accident."
Roman:  "Yeah, he was a little bit sick."
Me:  "No, he had an accident.  He was driving his tractor and he had an accident."
Roman:  "Yeah.  Grandpa David drove his tractor to Heaven".

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  1. Beautiful. I love the minds of children and how they process information.