clothes and hair.

For the past several years, I have been hearing fantasitc things about an organization called Pure Fashion. It's a program for teenage girls who are interested in modeling. When you think of modeling, do you think of purity? How about modesty? No? Well, then you haven't seen the Pure Fashion models.

Yesterday, I finally got to attend one of their fashion shows...and it was impressive! There were several girls from our church that were models this year. All these girls were so genuine and beautiful. It was such a blessing to see these teens that have come to know that their value is in Christ and their external beauty is worth protecting.

Part of the fun for the day was helping to style the girls' hair for the show! My friend, Chrissy, recently opened her own salon in Ankeny, Grace Family Salon. YAY! (call and make an appointment right now. I promise you won't be sorry.) Anyway, they asked Chrissy to do the girls' hair - but with there being 20ish girls in the show, well, they neede some other volunteers too. So, while it wasn't like having Chrissy (who is an artist comparable to Edward Scissorhands :)), I can curl hair and so I did. BUT, I got to use some of the awesome new product that Chrissy is using/selling in her salon...Check out Surface. I'm no expert on ingredients in hair product...but I have heard that they can have some nasty stuff in them. Surface products are made from all natural ingredients. No toxins here! AND, they smell delicious and work like a charm. I think my favorite thing that I used yesterday was the Push Powder...it can be used like a dry shampoo and adds tons of volume to your hair. It's like magic. Love.

So, there are my plugs for the day. If you have daughters or you know any teenage girls, put them in Pure Fashion. And, if you have hair, call Chrissy at Grace Family Salon. :)

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  1. I have hair. Pick me! Can't wait to check out the new salon!