I feel as though I owe you all an apology! I have been slacking on the blog writing. Not that I'm trying to offer excuses, but here's what I've been up to (in case you were thinking that Roman and Judah had me locked in their room or something. Don't laugh...it's probably not that far-fetched).

We have been enjoying every newborn minute with our sweet little Silas. He continues to be about the most low-maintence baby ever. He has such a sweet disposition and really rarely cries. He is adorable and content and doted on by big brothers all day long. We just adore him.

We have had lots of guests, which we have LOVED! Joe's mom came to stay with us for three weeks, which was a huge blessing. Like words cannot describe how much I appreciate her and miss her. I definitely cried when she left and I will never forget the ways that she just stepped in and cared for our family so selflessly.

We celebrated Silas' baptism on Easter Sunday. It was beautiful. Joe's whole family was here and we enjoyed their short stay immensely. Angie is still here which is good...I would be going through serious withdrawl if they had all come and left so quickly.

As far as daily life goes, I have to be honest. The transition to three kids has been a challnege for us. That sounds ridiculous after I just told you what a great baby Silas is...but it's true. It's not so much Silas, or even "juggling" three kids...it's how the big boys have been/are still adjusting to sharing mom and dad with another little one. They LOVE love love Silas which we are so thankful for. They just seem to be a little more grumpy when they don't get immediate attention. Some of that is ok. They need to learn that they are not always the center of attention. But they also need to be reassured that they are always always loved and that mom and dad always care about their individual needs.

SO, if anyone has suggestions on how to help the big brothers adjust, I'd be so grateful.

Also not helping that situation is that Judah is trying to give up an afternoon nap. Um...WHAT?! He's not even two yet. I feel like that's totally not allowed. Except that I can't really make him nap. And I only have about a half hour of rocking/wrestling in me before I give up.

And yes, I have tried letting him play in his room until he falls asleep but he just plays for an hour and never goes to sleep. So...yeah.

On top of all the excitement at home, I am also in the process of co-authoring a bible study for high school girls. Not with a goal of publishing, just for use with some very sweet girls that need Jesus, just like you and I. We are going to start using it/teaching it this summer. If you would be so kind as to pray for grace to cover my fumbling words, I would very much appreciate it.

I want to tell you a hundred funny and charming stories about my boys, but I can barely keep my eyes open. So, I'll leave you with a few of my favorite things (And I promise to try to write more soon!):


  • love the way he talks to Silas in a syrupy voice and says things like "hey sweet baby. Yes, you're a good boy! I love you pumpkin!" (I wonder where he learned that...?) :)

  • says really funny things when he's trying to explain how he feels...i.e. "I'm angry because I'm sad".


  • asks for food all the time. i.e. we are putting together a zoo animal puzzle when he stops and says "cake?" I tell him we don't have any. He persists in asking for a variety of other foods..."chips? cheese? strawberries? goldfish?"

  • loves shoes. He found Roman's spiderman snowboots the other day and insisted on wearing them around the house all morning.


  • cooing and smiling

  • wants to nuzzle right under your chin all the time

  • getting big! 12lb 8oz at his 2 month check!


  1. Just a heads up. Ellie gave up naps at 18 months. No matter what you did the girl will not sleep during the day. The only time she naps is when she is sick. Good Luck!

  2. I forgot to mention that even when my kiddos choose not to nap, they have mandatory "quiet time" (i.e. give mommy a break time) in their rooms. They just have to play quietly (with the light off when possible). I believe I'd go crazy without this time...it's going to continue for as long as possible since I'm homeschooling. Good time for homework or just reading a book, right? :-)