Need a Pick-Me-Up? Look No Farther!

a sleeping Roman...something I rarely get to see! Isn't he sweet?! Usually he has to be closed in a dark room in order to fall asleep. :)

My buddies. Roman likes to climb into the crib with Judah...Judah finds it very amusing. I should probably stop him from doing it but it's just so darn cute. So, I take pictures instead.

Mr. Blue Eyes

Why yes, yes this is three rolls of paper towels completely unrolled in our living room. Roman did this while I was making dinner one night....again, do you like how I just took pictures instead of correcting the behavior? :) I figure he worked pretty hard to get to that point, he deserved to enjoy it.

So happy!

Didn't that just bring some extra joy to your day?


  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! it did bring Joy into my day!!! Like they always do! :)

  2. Definitely adds joy to my day! :) I loved them all, but I really love that Roman still has Murphy and his blanket sleeping on the couch. And my favorite is the two of them in crib. And my other favorite is with the paper towels. I think they're all my favorite! :)