1000 Gifts (8)

I have been a slacker on these! I'm determined to keep it up, though...I have noticed that I really do need to write them down in order to remember how faithful God is.

141. Two napping boys
142. The anticipation of Advent...LOVE himself is coming. Are you ready?
143. Reconnecting with a life long friend sister after months of phone tag. Love you, Al!
144. Getting back on track with priorities
145. Getting some organization taken care of in our home
146. 10 days of time away
147. my sweet little one, sitting up and smiling at me
148. surpirse anniversary date night. I have the best husband ever!
149. FREE babysitter for surprise date night. Thanks again, Melissa!
150. (mostly) FREE dinner on surprise date night (because we each had to get a chef's special and an appetizer. SO GOOD!). Thanks for the gift card, Mom and Dad Pometto!
151. A mom who worries about me. We'll be careful, Mom!
152. warm house in the cold winter
153. neighbors who look out for us
154. talking with a two year old about who is a boy and who is a girl. :)
155. four years of marriage
156. the loving and honoring throughout the joys and sorrows of four years
157. learning about family history
158. memories shared of loved ones gone before us
159. the hope of Christmas
160. getting to share the joy of Christ, the peace of Christmas with my boys

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