Family Time

We had an awesome week with Joe's family. I don't think we could have packed more stuff into the week, but somehow we had time to relax and just enjoy life together. What an awesome combination. :)

They arrived late last Thursday so we only got to chat for a little while that evening. Friday morning we made our oh-so-predictable trip to Dutch Oven Bakery. DELICIOUS. Roman was SO excited to see them and it was neat to see that they picked up right where they left off. It was like they had never been gone.

Friday afternoon, Joe and I (with Judah in tow, of course!) went to help Ryan and Kathleen decorate for their wedding. Tony and Roman met us later for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. It was such a fun day.

Naturally, Saturday was the wedding. I have been tagged in some pictures on Facebook. (Also pictures and videos of the family visiting. You wouldn't really expect me to be that on top of uploading pictures and videos so soon, would you??) Anyway, it was a beautiful wedding!! It has such a blessing to be a part of their relationship and we were so glad we got to share in their wedding with them. Roman was an excellent ring bearer...although, he talked (loudly) about his pillow all the way down the aisle. :)

Sunday we went to mass at St John's Basillica in Des Moines (where Tony and Suellen attended when they lived here). We went to lunch and then headed back to Boone to make food and head over to St Cecilia's for Judah's baptism! (Again, check facebook for the pictures!) It was an awesome night. Deacon Troy came to celebrate with us and, of course, all of my family, and many of our friends. We were so blessed by all of the people that came...people that probably were exhausted by the end of the weekend or traveled many miles or made other sacrifices to be with us. We are so thankful for all of you!! It was a great night of fellowship and joy for our family.

Monday through Wednesday were more relaxing days. We hung out at home, took naps, ate out, went to the park, drew with sidewalk chalk, played in the sandbox, did bubbles, got haircuts (I got 7 inches cut off of my hair!), went shopping, caught butterflies, did puzzles, read books, and hung out some more.

Thursday we went to the zoo! (Roman's idea of a perfect day = lots of family to play with and going to the zoo!) We got to feed lots of animals...fish, ducks, llamas, goats, and even giraffes! Of course, Roman didn't want to feed the giraffes, but he enjoyed watching the rest of us. When we got home we played outside some more and had a water balloon fight - which turned out to be more like "brothers chases sisters/wife with hose". Neat. That night Angie and I took Theresa to the pool.

We got a whole day on Friday to hang out with the fam some more. At the moment, I really coudn't tell you what we did...but we had a blast. :) They left Saturday morning and, I'm not going to lie, I definitely cried. It was just so great having everyone here. Roman has been talking about how "Grandma and Grandpa and Theresa went to South Carolina" and
"Angie went to Virginia". And he's already talking about "go see Grandma and Grandpa at Christmas". :)

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  1. Ahh!! What a wonderful synopsis of the wonderful week! If anyone out here asks how vacation was, maybe I'll just direct them to your blog! :) It was a wonderful week! Thanks for all your hospitality!

    Oh... and don't forget about the amazing game of Curses that ended the week. I'll never forget Tony scratching under his armpit and saying "I pity the fool" and Mom patting Dad on the back to give him electric shocks!

    And as for me... I left singing "the bunny, the bunny"... and missing Roman and all of you!!