Times are a Changin

Well, friends, as I am sure you gathered from my previous post, I was not one of the millions that voted for President-Elect Barak Obama. I still stand very much in disagreement on many issues and I still wonder if these "changes" will all be for the best.

But here is the hope in which I trust. God is bigger. Both candidates were human. Both are men who have and who will fail. Both are men who would have made some good and some bad decisions as leaders of this country. You see, the results of yesterday's election do not change what good God has in store for us.

I will admit, that I am not overly excited about Obama being president. I have some very serious concerns about what he will chose to act on during his term or terms. I especially fear for the right to life....from womb to natural death. I fear for the sancity of marriage. I fear for the family. But, I have this one hope...Jesus still wins.

Jesus is in control, and CHANGE needs to happen in peoples' hearts before it can ever happen in our nation's laws. Clearly, we are not ready for those changes. So, from here, we pray. We pray for changes to begin in homes and in individuals. We pray that people's hearts will be softened to hear their Creator reveal to them what He really desires for their lives. We pray for our president-elect to make wise choices and to be a man of prayer himself. We pray that a passion for Christ will be nurtured in his family.

I was so impressed with both speeches last night, McCain and Obama both gave fantastic messages to our country. McCain one of support for the president-elect and continued decication to the United States. Obama one that made us all stop and recall how far we have come. It does give hope when we look back on our history and see what we have really accomplished. Good or bad, this is our history; this is our future.

And so we pray, and we rest in the fact that we know how the story ends.

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